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Small porcelain dish

Please assist us in identifying the small porcelain dish shown in the attached photos. The dish is 4 7/8 inches in diameter and is marked as shown. We have not been able to identify the marks.

High quality Japanese Arita

The dish is a Japanese "Arita" piece of very high quality.

Especially the bottom side of the dish is decorated and signed in Chinese Kangxi style.

You can see it is Japanese from - of course its overall style but to point out some details - first, the mark is off center and not really squared, the foot rim seems to be wider than usual on Chinese porcelain dishes of this size and also seems to be cut with an untypical inwards slope. This might just be the picture, but this does not really matter. The blue ring that encircles the mark also seems to be painted close to the foot rim. On a Chinese piece the ring would have been on the open space somewhere comfortable between the mark and the foot rim.

I don't dare to put a date on this one but it is very well done and could possibly be an expert Chinese style emulation from anytime between the 18th century up until the 20th century.

If the blue washes on the flowers seems to be a bit on the "grainy" side, this would indicate an early paper print, that in that case would date the dish to the 1920s.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson