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Green glazed bitong brush pot

I've enclosed photos of a brushpot with the mark. Do you recognize the mark?

Possibly "Wang Bing Rong"

I have consulted with Simon Ng in Hong Kong, and this mark seems to say "Wang Bing Rong".

WBR specialized in porcelain with carved decoration and was active in Tongzhi to Guangxu period (1862-1908).

Since he was probably running a studio the mark does not necessary need to be carved or written by him personally to be genuine; from the studiio.

We suggest that you kindly see the section on "20th century Chinese Porcelain Marks" for some more WBR marks - I have also taken the liberty to add you mark to this section for future reference. If some new information turns up, it will be added there.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson