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Polychrome Tea Caddy

I purchased this polychrome Tea Caddy, 10.5 cm high with original lid, at eBay from Hong Kong, as Kangxi.

You should return this for a full refund

Regarding the tea caddy I am not sure about it's age. The piece is of a too small size to be sure about any technical details of glaze and potting, but the grit that adheres to the foot rim should not be there if it is a Kangxi piece.

The mark, which is an Artemesia leaf, is a common mark on Kangxi porcelain, but the white stem in the middle of the leaf should not be there either if the mark is of a Kangxi date.

The lid is of a strange form and does not have a Kangxi "feel". Finally and most important is that the enameled decoration could impossibly match a Kangxi date.

The porcelain bottom part *could* be the second quarter of the 18th century.

The only conclusion is that either the enamels is added later, and the porcelain piece itself might date from the mid 18th century - or it is altogether a recent piece.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson

(Picture added later)