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Usona & Goodwin

I have a question about some porcelain pieces I saw in a store recently that I believe might have Asian origins. It was a 5 piece set, a low, round, pitcher & 4 cups glazed with a floral motif and gold rims. The marks on the bottom were Usona & Goodwin, there was also a coiled dragon design. I had never seen those names before and the shop owner did not have much information other than she thought it might have Russian origins. If you have any information on these names or can offer other avenues to do further research I would greatly appreciate it.

Possibly American East Liverpool, Ohio, ware

The East Liverpool area, Ohio, has been called "The Pottery Capital of the World". Between 1840 and 1940 there were so many potteries of all shapes and sizes in and around East Liverpool that it is impossible today to pinpoint the location of but a fraction of the number. Names and locations changed with such frequency that one can not be completely sure that similar names are not just variations of the same name.

It is therefore possibly that Usona & Goodwin might somehow refer to the Usona Art Pottery that were active in East Liverpool, Ohio about 1932 to1952 and / or the Godwin Pottery Co active 1936-1946 in the same area.

Goodwin Pottery estb. 1844 Here is one mark used from one old Goodwin pottery. More information could possibly be found at the home page of the Carnegie Public Library, 219 East Fourth Street, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920, Phone: 330-385-2048 Fax: 330-385-7600.

I hope this helps.


Jan-Erik Nilsson