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eBay Internet Auctions - Buying

eBay SEARCH box:


I personally like to buy at eBay, but it is next to impossibly to know what you in reality have bought before you have the piece in your hand and can take a close look. I feel that if you are going to make real bargains on eBay buying antiques, you should stick to areas where you yourself already are an expert.

Selling antiques

For sellers, the good point is that eBay is such a big marketplace there are lots of experts around who will know what you are selling even if you don't. The only key problem for you is to describe your item so that it could be found by the buyers who are searching eBay for that kind of pieces.

The first thing you must decide is, what it is you got? - If it is "genuine" or a replica, common or rare. Then you can decide if you should list it at some Internet auction site, turn to an auction house or sell it through a specialist antiques dealer.

There are different favors with all alternatives. It depends on the piece.

For rare and extremely valuable antiques, where the price range is in the thousands of $, the big auction houses or the traditional antiques trade is probably the best. Just make sure you know what you have and shop around some for a fair deal.

For most private persons Internet auctions are most often the best alternative. The by far largest Internet auction site today is eBay.

If you are looking for something to sell or buy or only want to know the price or value of something similar you have, I have enclosed a seach box here which goes directly to eBay.

For a start, just write in whatever and see what you find.

Jan-Erik Nilsson