Jardinere, SB and POB (Belfrage) dated 1804

Jardinere, SB and POB (Belfrage) dated 1804 A rare hexagonal Chinese export porcelain Jardiniere, from the originally Scottish family of Belfrage ennobled in Sweden 1666.

The order for this Jardiniere seems to have been sent to China by the Swedish East Indiaman Wasa, which is the only one which visited Canton in China in early 1804.

Wasa made its only voyage from Gothenburg to Canton in May 5, 1803 to arrive back to Gothenburg in August 18, 1805 under the captain Hans Hansson.

From the dates it seems like the return trip was delayed for one full season, which would have given ample time to have special design porcelain made to specifications.

Four other ships, Gustaf III, Maria Carolina, Frederica and Prinsessan, who were sent to Canton early in the year 1804 are also possibly, if we believe the year "1804" date was made as a part of the design specifications sent from Sweden. By comparison with other dated porcelain from this period, which might bear a specific day date, this seems unlikely though.

For more information on the voyages, kindly see "Ships and Voyages" under the "Swedish East India Company" section.

Literature: J.A. Lloyd Hyde and Ricardo R Esprito Santo Silva, Chinese Export for the European Market, Lisbon. 1956, pl. V. Another hexagonal Jardinere and stand decorated in sepia and gilt are illustrated by Bredo L. Grandjean, Dansk Ostindisk Porcelaen, Copenhagen, 1965, fig 127.