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Figure from Harbin, China

I found the enclosed figure in Harbin, China in 1986 at the local antique shop. I do not know if its Chinese or Japanese and have no idea what it is .I have tried to research it but come up with no results. Can you please assist me a brief description and period if possible?

Thank you in advance

Possibly Japanese

Dear Sir,

From the unglazed face and the bright and colorful enamels, this looks like a pottery figure from the Shiwan pottery in the Pearl River delta outside Canton, or - if the scribbled mark actually, as it looks to me - says "JAPAN", there is a fair chance this figure instead is a Japanese "Banco" ware figure.

In both cases this charming figure most probably dates to somewhere during the mid to late 20th century.

I am not sure if he actually "are" someone. The Chinese and Japanese tradition are full of figures who at times appeared with a scroll under his arm. A scroll generally symbolizes calligraphy, painting, and truth and can unfortunately refer to quite a few persons. I am sorry of not being of much help here but thank you for sending me the picture anyway.

Jan-Erik Nilsson