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Jingdezhen Porcelain limited-edition plates by Master Artisan Zhao Huimin

A friend has packed away in the original boxes with the paperwork, two ceramic plates said to be Jingdezhen Porcelain limited-edition plates by Master Artisan Zhao Huimin. They are plates #5 and #6 in a collection of six plates in the Beauties of the Red Mansion collection (Ying-chun). The paperwork and back of the plate have corresponding Chinese characters marking the limited edition number of the plates. Do you know if they have any value, or where I could go to find out?

Official Price Guide

According to the "Official Price Guide to Collector Plates" following is the information you have requested. Since all 12 of the plates are by Zhao Huimin, and are not numbered in our reference, I will transcribe the list in its entirety to ensure that you are able to determine which plates you have. Each plate was in production for 115 days during the years noted, and thusly marked "Limited Edition".

IMPERIAL CHING-TE CHEN, Peoples Republic of China

Beauties of the Red Mansion
1986 PAO-CHAI, $27.92
1986 YUAN-CHUN, $27.92
1987 HSI-FENG, $30.92
1987 HSI-CHUN, $30.92
1987 MIAO-YU, $30.92
1987 YING-CHUN, $30.92
1988 TAI-YU, $32.92
1988 LI-WAN, $32.92
1988 KO-CHING, $32.92
1988 HSIANG-YUN, $34.92
1988 TAN-CHUN, $34.92
1988 CHAIO-CHIEH, $34.92

Please bear in mind that prices fluctuate as demand rises and falls. With collectors searching the Internet today, and vendors offering their wares for sale there, the supply of some collectibles outweighs the demand. This is very much the case with collector plates. Your best method of determining what a collector would be willing to pay (true market value) would be to perform a key word search at the eBay auction site, Chances are that sooner or later these plates will turn up there for auction, and by checking the final bids at auction close, you will be able to determine more realistically the current values. Hope this helps!

Betty Pepau
Heartland Discoveries Recapturing the past for collectors of today!

Thank you Betty!
Jan-Erik Nilsson