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"Chinese Lowestoft"

I would need detailed pictures top, bottom, sides etc. of Chinese Lowestoft.

The same as "Famille Rose"

I believe one of the best references is a book called "Chinese Export Porcelain, An historical survey" edited by Elinor Gordon and published 1975.

It features a series of very interesting articles of, by among others the venerable Homer Eaton Keyes, published in the Magazine Antiques. Specifically one from March 1928 (!) outlines who it came to be that ordinary Chinese Export , Famille rose type porcelain ever came to be called "Chinese Lowestoft".

There is definitely no difference, so you could look at any Famille rose piece you like for reference. The book might be hard to get but the articles are interesting.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson