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Blue and white dish

I have a small plate (about 7 inches / 18 cm diameter) and with a thick edge (about 1 cm). In the middle of the plate is a round protusion.

Looks like this is not for serving food. I was told that the design is Ming. But it could possibly be Qing.

Is this a plate for special function? How old is it? How much is it worth?

Hope you could give some directions.

Ming style blue and white cup stand

Regarding the date of this piece there are several possibilitis including it being a late replica.

This is impossibly to tell for sure from a picture and must be investigated by someone who can handle the piece.

Since a piece like this would be extremely expensive if genuine and any mistake would be very serious regarding the value of the piece, I suggest you bring it to any local museum of Asian Art, the Asian department of any International Auction house or a specialist Asian Antiques dealer.

Jan-Erik Nilsson