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Blue and white teapot

Please tell me what you think of this tea pot. I received it as a wedding gift. It is in perfect condition. Not a crack or crazing anywhere.

On the bottom when I received it there were stickers saying Ming Period, circa. 1684.

The marks on the bottom are also blue. I "think" there are only four marks inside a double square. Marks on far left are very similar to those you show for 5 & 6 in Xuande. Bottom right is very similar to one you show in position 4 for Kangxi. I would scan the mark for you, but my scanner is not working right now. My camera isn't in focus enough to get a clear picture either.

I am very interested in your opinion as to the possible age, and value of this piece in today's market. If I am interested in selling this, who should I look to first.

Thank you in advance for you time and advice.

Probably early 20th century

Thank you for sending me pictures of your nice teapot.

The Chinese character used four the decoration in a kind wish for happiness and a long life, spelling Fu Shou. The blue border encircling the "Shou" characters consists of "bats" which in Chinese are called "Fu" and are therefore used as a symbol for "happiness"

Unfortunately the teapot is not of the Ming period, mostly because this shape and style of decoration did not occur on teapots during the Ming dynasty.

It is very nice though, but would in my opinion date to the beginning of the 20th century or the last decades of the 19th century as the earliest.

Jan-Erik Nilsson