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Sacred mouintains of China

In China there are several important mountains. From art, myth and literature we are mostly concerned with five Taoist Sacred Peaks and four Buddhist Sacred Peaks in China.

The 5 Taoist Sacred Mountains are:

1: HUASHAN (west) in Shaanxi (see pics below)

2: TAISHAN (east) in Shandong

3: HENGSHAN (south) in Hunan

4: HENGSHAN/WUTAISHAN (north) in Shanxi

5: SONGSHAN (centre) in Henan

The 4 Buddhist Sacred Mountains are:

1: JIUHUASHAN in Anhui

2: PU TUO in Zhejiang

3: EMEI in Sichuan

4: WUTAISHAN in Shanxi

Jan-Erik Nilsson