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Bee hive tea pot

Maybe you can help me. My grandmother has a bee hive tea pot. The small creamer and a small sugar bowl sets on a plate, all of them look like bee hives with a little bee on the top (which are the lids.) and little bees on the side. Creamish white is color and bees sort of brownish. On the bottom of these 3 pieces they said occupied japan.. Where on the internet can I find what these are valued at?

Gene Florence's Occupied Japan Collectibles

The set you describe is found in Gene Florence's Occupied Japan Collectibles (2001) on page 201:

You didn't give me the dimensions on your items, and there are 2 sizes for the Creamer and Sugar Bowls, but the prices are the same.

There are additional pieces to this set - a relish tray, honey pot, salt & pepper and Marmalade jar.

If you want to sell them, such as on E-bay Auction, you might get more for them from someone trying to complete their set. These are the current book values for them now in mint condition. If there are chips, dings or cracks (other than natural crazing), it would, of course, lower the value.

Ms. Sam Armijo