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Broken OJ marked Candle Holder

I found your address on the Internet at the site and appreciate the information you give there regarding "Occupied Japan" collectibles.

I am looking for a particular porcelain piece that, so far, I have not been able to locate using e-bay. I have a pair of porcelain figures/candle holders marked Occupied Japan on the bottom. They've been in the family a long time and their value is more sentimental than monetary. Unfortunately, one recently got broken (not repairable). Do you think that it's likely I can find a replacement?

The broken one: Male figure, seated; dressed in Colonial (?) or French (?) attire, royal blue waistcoat, white vest with gold trim, pale-pink leggings, white socks to knees with narrow gold band at top, black shoes; hair is charcoal gray, tied in back with a bow, (orange or burgandy ?). Base has gold trim and one small painted flower (burgandy petals w/ yellow center, green leaves). To his right, the base makes 2 little upward curls forming a handle-like with the candle holder bowl sitting on top of that. (It's also a sort of out-cropping of what he's sitting on.) The curls have gold trim & a small (orange or burgandy?) ball in the center; the candle bowl has 8 little gold-trimmed scallops at the rim. ( 7/8" dinner candle fits.)

The other one of the pair is a female figure; seated; same period dress; gown is an orange shade layered over light-yellow that also has tiny, light-green flowers; gown is accented with gold. Her right arm is extended down to the side, her left hand clutches a small bouquet of 3 flowers, blue, yellow, & orange in front at her waist; one gold shoe tip slightly exposed. Her hair is upswept and is the same orange shade; cheeks have orange rouge dots. Everything else is the same as the other one, except the candle holder part is to her left, & the small ball in the center of the scrolls is royal blue.

They measure aprx. 3 3/4" in height and aprx. 3" across at the widest point and at the base. They are stamped on the bottom in red: Made in Occupied Japan. It appears to be under the glaze.

My husband was especially disappointed that one got broken as they had belonged to his mother. Do you have any idea ow I might find a replacement for it? It wouldn't be quite the same, but at least we'd still have a matching pair, and they fit nicely on the mirror shelves of my antique dresser.

Thank you for your help.

These do come up on auctions

It's very sad that you've lost the colonial male candelabra to your set. My collecting of Occupied Japan (OJ) started with a couple of tiny Satsuma vases given me by my Grandmother, so I understand the sentiment involved.

I have the set you spoke of and also had one given me by a friend a few years ago. I had to look back over my records, and unfortunately, the spare one I have is also the lady. However, these items do come up on the various auctions periodically and you should be able to replace it. They were made in various colors, sizes and styles, so read the descriptions closely.

Another way to find one would be to put an ad in the "Upside Down World of an Occupied Japan Collector." This is the Newsletter for the OJ Club and run by Florence Archambault. Many collectors have "extras" of items and would be willing to sell them.

You will find reference to your set of candelabras in Gene Florence's 3rd Edition of "The Collector's Encyclopedia of Occupied Japan Collectibles," on page 89 on the first row. Your local library may have copies of this book. It was published several years ago, but the book value remains the same in Mr. Florence's Price Update. The set was valued at $55 and the individual piece was valued at $22.50. However, considering the inflated prices they get on eBay, you should expect to pay somewhere between $20 - 35 to replace this piece.

I will keep my eyes open for you and if I come across one, will let you know. I hope this has been of some help to you.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Ms. Sam Armijo