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Lidded Glass Vase

Beijing Glass Vase I recently purchased two Peking glass vases and on the bottom of each of the vase was the seal which is attached as a jpeg file. Would you help me identify it or suggest a resource that I might use to help me.

I've attached some images of the vase in question. If you have the time to take a look at them I would appreciate your thoughts.

Perhaps these images would make the mark more meaningful to you.

Many thanks.

Probably form the first decades of the 20th century

As for this vase my area of expertise is really limited to Chinese porcelain. I can only by looking at details in the decoration, such as the border and the Fu dog finial on the lid, assume that this vase is from a similar date as would a porcelain vase with similar appearance. This means I suggest a date from the first decades of the 20th century rather than the Daoguang (1821 - 1850) period as suggested by the mark.

I still find it most interesting though, and quite a characteristic piece for the period I feel it most comfortably belongs to.

Jan-Erik Nilsson