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Porcelain with a rustic charm

Late 19th century SEA export porcelain I am attaching pictures of a kind of chinese pottery that i've never seen classified.

I have a couple of these pieces myself that have been around for many years and some appear to be quite old. they are clearly pieces that were used by common folk. all of them have the characteristic painted interior.

Some of these pieces are stamped. while they don't appear to be the sort of thing collected by high level collectors i find they have a sort of rustic charm.

Could you tell me anything about these sorts of pieces?

Late 19th century SEA export porcelain

Your pieces belongs to a group generally called "Straits Chinese Porcelain" if not of their most typical designs and are indeed widely collected especially in the Singapore area.

It is export porcelain mainly intended to the common people in South East Asia and all kinds of Chinese "colonies" abroad.

Quite possibly the bowl marked "CHINA" could have been exported to any of the China Towns in the west during the late 19th century and possibly a few years into the 20th century.

As for your pieces I would suggest a date to around 1860-90.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson