Tang Gold and Silver, Belitung cargo, c. 830 AD
The value of this one gold cup equals about ten years salaries for a middle managment official
Box of gilded silver. Decorated with a pair of parrots with long tails. Known from contemporary sources being popular as a tribute, maybe because of their similarity to Feng birds.
Of the 29 mirrors found on various locations onboard, all were contemporary with the wreck except one, an already then antique mirror from the Han dynasty 206 BCE-220 CE (left), first century BCE. Decorated with The four Directions. One could speculate that the knob in the middle was the fifth direction - heaven.
Bronze mirror, Tang dynasty. Decoration of 'grapevines and lions' (auspicious beasts). Diameter 10,5 cm
One of the Tang mirrors was one never-before-seen famed specimen, cast on the Yangzi River in Yangzhou, a so-called Yangxin or Jiangxin mirror. Dated wuxu era (759).
Bronze mirrors, Tang dynasty. Decoration top right 'True gentleman, flying frost', playing Qin.