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The Gotheborg Web site and Discussion Board
When all this started more than 25 years ago, the original purpose of the Gotheborg.com web site was to use this newly invented Internet to connect collectors from all over the world, so we could help and talk to each other.

The purpose of our Discussion Board has remained to have fun and to pass on decades of practical knowledge on how to tell genuine pieces from fakes. This material knowledge is more complicated than the plain Asian Arts History, since it addresses the actual authenticity of specific items and not only if they are "in the style of". We do this by encouraging experienced collectors to clap together our various expert knowledge and thus forming a formidable knowledge resource while at the same time enjoying our own collections. In the meantime we can't help but increase the value of our own collections by getting to know more about what we have, and make better decisions. Yet it depends on the support of just a few dedicated collectors to keep all this online. Thank you for being one of them.

This Discussion Board was created from a variety of email lists and integrated into the Gotheborg.com website on April 23, 2003. It came about when I recognized the value of, and the effort so many experts devoted to explaining the intricate details and the hard-to-find information on antique Asian ceramics. I felt we could not allow all this unique knowledge, care, selfless help and explanations to just be flushed down into the never-ending stream of Internet chitchat, and to simply disappear. We needed to consolidate this wealth of information and provide it with a home where it would be protected from the shortsightedness of the Internet entrepreneurs, who acted as though nothing was significant and everything was disposable towards their own goals. But when it comes to a lifetime's experience from studying a really complex topic such as Asian Ceramics, it cannot be replaced. It is unique and important, and it deserves to be preserved and most of all, to be passed on to new generations of collectors.

On using the board and getting help: It's simple; Ask when you need, help when you can. To find specific information, we recommend that you first try our SEARCH link (top right on all pages) to find what is already here. Our archive is approaching 400,000 messages and images organized under 80 different topics covering China and Japan from Neolithic times to the 21st century.

On privacy: No user data is mined or shared, and no advertising is allowed. All work is voluntary however to stay online we depend on a modest membership fee. Click here to sign up or renew your Membership. The most economical membership is the annual one at $29 USD, breaking down to approximately $0.08 per day. Donations towards an optional listing as a Sponsor are much appreciated but not necessary.

The road to learning should be traveled in good company. Welcome!
Jan-Erik Nilsson

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Hall of Supreme Harmony
Gotheborg Forum Rules, Policies, Participation and Privacy
The purpose of this Asian Ceramic Art Collectors Community and Forum is to help each other, teach beginners and pass on the hard to gain practical knowledge on how to authenticate genuine Asian antique ceramics. Summary: 1. Ask when you need, 2. Help when you can, 3. No commercial intent.
0 1 06-15-24  06:23 pm  
FAQ - How to Post and Participate
FAQ on practical issues. See also the " Help/Instructions" link at the bottom of all pages.

215 20 04-21-22  09:07 pm Giovanni Repetti
The Sportsman's Bar [ All today's posts on the whole board ]
Off Topic Trade News and Friendly Chit-chat [90 days archive]
News and friendly chit-chat that doesn't fit anywhere else. Threads not added to for more than 90 days will be deleted automatically.
23487 1964 06-14-24  02:02 pm Roberto Gardellin
Pinned pages - Links to our most informative pages
On this Forum, we have more than 35,000 pages and 350 thousand+ posts and images under some 80 different topics, why some of our most informative pages might be difficult to find. When you find any really great and informative pages, please create a link here with an informative name to help others find it too.
27 16 02-27-24  11:51 pm Mary Baumeister
Local Meetings
Invitations to and reports from local chapter meetings
988 83 08-11-23  08:14 am Giel Louws
Exhibitions and Museum Collections
Visits at public exhibitions, for easy reference. Please feel free to add your pictures here
3398 287 06-10-24  05:10 pm Charlotte Wilson
Member's Collection Gallery
The purpose of this topic is to showcase only known genuine and representative pieces in our members collection, to serve as a study and reference database. Welcome to create any topic you'd like to showcase. Give a brief description with measurement, period and any reference to public exhibitions or relevant literature. Two photos only of each piece. Front and back/base. Link to previous discussion authenticating the piece, if any. This topic will be edited and moderated to facilitate reading and focus.
161 21 04-29-24  02:24 pm Charles Payne
Collection Stickers on Porcelain
Collection, Exhibition, Museum and Auction Labels found on porcelain.
424 167 03-21-24  06:16 pm Giel Louws
Price Records and Exceptional Tales
Welcome to post any and all information on spectacular price records and antiques trade lore from today and days gone by.
1343 132 11-30-22  09:14 pm nick constant
Simons Quest
Put your fellow members on an educational trial. This topic are for objects whose authenticity (or lack thereof) are known, and where clues can be given gradually to stimulate discussion.

8089 316 06-02-23  11:57 am Louis Warner II
Chinese Pottery and Porcelain

If you are uncertain about where to post a new question, use the Board Search link (top right) to find a topic with similar pieces.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit "Post a New Question to the Discussion Board". Write as meaningful a title as you can to your question.

Early Pottery
Neolithic and later earthenware, "proto-porcelain" jars and figures, Zhou, Warring States and Han, Sui, Tang, Ming and Qing figures and architechtural pieces, Changsha wares.
12260 1071 05-26-24  02:53 pm Robert Stevens
Green glazed wares
Yue yao, Zhejiang Celadon, Northern and the numerous Southern Song kilns, Thai, Korean and Japanese ceramics and any related Asian ceramics with mostly green/gray/brown monochrome glaze
16252 1485 06-14-24  03:08 pm Nomi Meivar
White wares
White round wares from Tang dynasty, Ding yao, Qingbai/Yingqing, white Jingdezhen porcelain from Ming, Qing and later, Fujian province, etc.
14802 1179 06-07-24  07:52 am Luca Meacci
Crackled wares
Song Guan or Ge or later imitations. Any porcelain with crackled glaze as an intentional decorative feature
2886 315 05-27-24  03:56 pm Charlotte Wilson
Brown and Black wares
Temmoku / Jian ware, Huangpu, Lushan, Cizhou and Jizhou.
10268 887 06-10-24  05:04 pm Charlotte Wilson
Jun family type of wares
3405 237 06-14-24  02:01 pm Kalle Florén
Yixing / Buccaro / Zisha (Purple Clay)
Typically brown or red stoneware teapots from clay mined near the city of Yixing in Jiangsu Province, China
2919 344 01-24-24  11:39 pm Giovanni Repetti
Yuan porcelain
Primarily Yuan porcelain with underglaze red or underglaze blue and white decoration. Monochromes can be posted elsewhere.
2673 164 05-19-24  11:01 am Nomi Meivar
Ming period porcelain, all decorations
Underglaze blue and white, copper red and white, polychromes, Wucai, Swatow (Zhangzhou) ware etc.
16824 1238 06-08-24  09:05 pm Richard Shakles
'Kraak' style decoration
If you are not sure if the decoration is Kraak, you can post under 'Ming', since that is usually what it is too.
1956 141 04-01-24  02:42 pm Paul Anthony Ardron
The Manila Galleon Trade (1565-1815) and its extension to Spain
A special topic for trade ceramics from the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties of China via Manila, capital of the Philiphines. From 1549 Manila was the only place where the Japanese and Chinese could openly trade. In 1571 Manila became part of New Spain (Mexico). The famed Manila galleons of Spain sailed between Acapulco and the Philippines bringing porcelain, silk, ivory, spices etc. from China to Mexico in exchange for New World silver. On returning, Asian wares went via the Spanish Philippines to Acapulco on Mexico’s west coast, then across Mexico to Spain, for more than 250 years. The Spanish Manila trade was the first worldwide trade network connecting Manila, Mexico City and Madrid into the world's first set of global cities.
152 14 05-19-24  08:10 am David Pinilla Garcia
Chinese Imperial Porcelain
Discussions related to Imperial porcelain as such, ordering, decoration, marks, use etc.
3249 165 05-29-24  11:30 am Alexandra Migo
Early to mid Qing Blue and White
Typically Transitional and Kangxi blue and white with common shapes and decoration, that are not Armorial nor Imperial
22873 1898 05-02-24  09:46 pm Philip Hughes
Early to mid Qing porcelain - polychrome
Early to mid Qing dynasty polychrome wares, such as wucai, doucai, susancai that are not of armorial or special design type, nor Imperial.
14415 1096 05-25-24  01:52 pm Tommy Eklöf
Chinese Western Market Export Porcelain
Special designs, Armorial porcelain, all pieces with shapes and decorations made to order or to fit foreign taste and customs.
Decorations typically blue and white, Willow Pattern, Famille Rose, Famille verte (Kangxi wucai), Chinese Imari, Rose Medallion, etc.
19210 1724 05-11-24  10:30 pm Jan-Erik Nilsson
"Clobb'd" porcelain
Chinese export porcelain with secondary enamel decoration added in Europe
884 82 05-31-23  08:56 am Freek Pals
Mid Qing to 21th century - Polychrome
19th and 20th century - Guangxu, Early Republic, Straits Chinese Porcelain, Fahua, fencai, the Eight Friends of Zhushan, Jiangxi Porcelain Co., Mao Zedong, etc.
27741 2589 06-08-24  12:51 am Joe Hertel
Mid Qing to 21th century - Blue and White
From "Kangxi revival" to modern wares. All pieces where underglaze blue is involved, also underglaze blue and red and high fired cobalt glaze.
5067 648 06-15-24  05:41 pm Yin Hall
Porcelain plaques 1076 101 05-24-24  03:22 am Michaela Russell
Dated porcelain
Porcelain dated to a specific year by their inscriptions.
4356 314 05-20-23  02:53 am David Lane
Michaela Russel's Republic Period Patterns & Marks Project
Michaela's Republic Period Patterns & Marks Project
258 36 03-01-24  07:47 pm Jan-Erik Nilsson
Tommy Eklof's Facial Features and Adornments Research Project
Welcome to comment and add new photos to the database
941 43 10-25-23  06:09 pm Tom Reigel
Cultural Revolution Period Porcelain
1965-75 Chinese cultural revolution porcelain inside and outside of China proper, including Macao and Hong Kong decorated porcelain of the period.
433 52 06-04-24  08:33 am Michaela Russell
Bleu de Hue
Chinese porcelain for the Vietnamese market
239 44 05-24-24  04:41 pm NGAN Phan
Figures or sculpted porcelain, Blanc-de-Chine or polychrome
White or polychrome sculpted pottery or Porcelain - Chen Guozhi, Wang Bingrong, Li Yucheng and similar, white, Blanc-de-Chine (Dehua), Shiwan or other polychrome ceramic wares, decorative or altar figures
3236 393 05-21-24  11:45 pm Jan-Erik Nilsson
Colored glazes such as Ox-blood, peach bloom, powder blue, tea dust, yellow, green, mirror black, Faux bronze, faux wood, etc.
8969 778 06-07-24  07:54 pm Carol Todd
Snuff Bottles
Special topic for Snuff Bottles regardless of material or decoration - porcelain, glass, lapiz lazuli, lacquer, bone etc.
2393 302 06-18-23  01:47 pm Tommy Eklöf
Chinese Porcelain Marks
Before posting any questions here kindly first browse the gotheborg.com "Marks" section. Additions and corrections for that section could be added here.
4696 637 05-23-24  09:16 pm Jan-Erik Nilsson
Chinese Porcelain Motifs
On particular stories and their illustrations that appear on porcelain, with documentation and pictures of variations that appear on porcelain from different periods. Topics on particular motifs, such as dragon depictions/variations.
2396 151 11-07-22  12:52 pm Ernie Sanders
Modern Chinese Art Porcelain
Works currently produced by individual artist. Jiangxi's Ceramic Research Inst., etc
243 50 10-23-23  05:16 pm Yin Hall
Chinese Kilns, Clays, Glazes and Decorations
Cross topic question that does not belong under any particular ware
1675 129 05-10-24  07:25 pm Kevin Hawco
Last resort - Help Needed - Chinese?
Chinese pottery and porcelain last resort posting topic. If posted here your question will need to be moved.
If you loose track of a post, use the Board Search to find it again. Remember to always write a meaningful title to your question so you can recognize it.

17576 1762 05-14-24  09:10 pm Robert Stevens
Japanese Pottery and Porcelain

If you are uncertain about where to post a new question, use the Board Search link (top right) to find a topic with similar pieces.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit "Post a New Question to the Discussion Board". Write as meaningful a title as you can to your question.

Japanese Section 'Off Topic'
Friendly thoughts and chit-chat that doesn't fit anywhere else
1146 141 05-19-23  09:43 pm Joe Hertel
Last resort - Help Needed - Japanese?
Japanese pottery and porcelain last resort posting topic. If posted here your question will need to be moved.
If you loose track of a post, use the Board Search to find it again. Remember to always write a meaningful title to your question so you can recognize it.
2777 294 05-07-24  06:17 am Joakim Boman
Polychrome Arita/Hisen 'Imari' Porcelain
Kinrande (Blue Underglaze, Polychrome enamels and Gold). Akae (red dominating) or Iroe decorated with gilt decoration and other colors mostly for export.
13168 1206 06-04-24  02:53 pm walter perrie
Japanese Meiji-19-20th century polychrome enamels
All Meiji and later polychrome enamels, including all Meiji and later commercial kilns like Koransha, Fukagawa and Noritake. Also all wares labeled 'Made in Japan', 'Japan', 'Nippon' or with an 'M in wreath' etc. Also Dragonware and Moriage decoration. From the Meiji period (1868-1912) and later.
5692 647 05-27-24  12:54 pm Mark Bennett
Geisha Girl Porcelain
Japanese Porcelain with overglaze printed decoration of Japanese ladies in kimonos with printed outlines as defined by Elyce Litts, but extended also to porcelain where the decoration is similar but entirely hand painted.
357 52 04-28-24  03:51 pm Jan-Erik Nilsson
Blue and White Arita/Hisen Porcelain
Sometsuke and Ko-Sometsuke. This is the dominating kiln area for Japanese porcelain of the 19th century and older, in particular to the West since so much of this was exported.
Post Japanese Blue and White here when in doubt.
6251 636 04-24-24  12:44 am David Wood
Other Japanese Blue and White
Underglaze Blue and white decorated porcelain of unknown but Japanese origin.
1072 126 12-31-23  10:39 am John Wocher
Japanese Figures
Human and animal figures could all be posted here regardless of kiln type or area.
897 119 07-17-23  02:34 am John Wocher
Japanese Monochromes
Awaji and similar wares with entirely or mostly monochrome glazes. Japanese Celadon
779 103 11-04-23  03:37 am Jan-Erik Nilsson
Japanese blue and white transfer printed decoration
Blue and white Japanese porcelain with stenciled, transfer printed or otherwise print supported decoration
837 96 04-30-23  10:04 am Richard Shakles
Carrie Lamberts Japanese Cobalt Blue Ceramics and other polychrome transfer printed decoration project
Cobalt Blue Ceramics and similar second half 20th century transfer printed decorations, including but not limited to Japan
499 132 05-25-24  09:51 am Nomi Meivar
Japanese Porcelain Marks and Motifs
Before posting any questions here kindly first browse the gotheborg.com 'Japanese Marks' section.
3265 501 02-20-24  07:20 pm Vial Bernard
Japanese Studio Pottery and Contemporary Porcelain 1604 234 12-09-23  01:58 am Tom Reigel
Sumida, Banko, Hagi, Mashiko, etc.
and other difficult to identify Japanese Pottery and Stoneware
2275 321 12-12-23  03:04 pm Joseph Robert Putnak
Hirado 1386 129 03-17-24  09:28 pm M Heriot
Kakiemon and Kakiemon style enamel decoration
1477 101 06-05-24  05:26 am walter perrie
For more information on Kutani, kindly also refer to Georges Bouvier's Kutani Collectors web-site.
8767 993 05-28-24  11:38 am Joseph Robert Putnak
Nabeshima and 'Nabeshima style'
719 69 06-13-24  03:15 am John Wocher
Satsuma and Satsuma-Like
Original Satsuma earthenware but also 'Satsuma marked' items and 'Satsuma looking' pices
8755 967 06-13-24  05:32 pm Joseph Robert Putnak
Formerly Owari and Nagoya, renamed to Aichi Prefecture 1872. Largest ceramic center i Japan

1386 141 05-23-24  10:24 am Mark Bennett
General pottery and porcelain questions
Mystery Pieces 3823 410 05-28-24  02:32 pm Bob Williams
Known methods of faking
Method and technology in making pottery and porcelain fakes
1006 91 03-12-24  11:59 pm Giovanni Repetti
Discussions on Shapes
The shape of a piece is probably the most important clue to the identification of an item with regard to its authenticity and period. This category is for the discussion on the uniqueness (not just the shape of course) of a particular kind of ware that has been produced throughout a significant period of time in the history of Chinese ceramics like meiping; yuhuchun jar; ginger jar, Gu etc.
712 48 03-26-24  08:59 am Jan-Erik Nilsson
Base and foot rim archive
Add foot rims / bases of similar age to the same thread. Start new thread if you want to cover a new type that is not represented.
297 71 02-26-23  04:48 pm Nomi Meivar
Asia outside China and Japan
Korea, Vietnam, Thai, Indonesia, etc.

2790 306 04-20-24  05:24 am Kevin
Western wares with Oriental design
Edmée Samson of Paris, Delft, Bristol, Bow, Derby, Staffordshire, Caughley, etc. to Bernard Leach
1425 174 09-10-23  07:16 pm Jan-Erik Nilsson
Wares from the Middle east/Asia minor 353 41 12-07-23  01:28 pm Joseph Robert Putnak
Shards and archaeology
For help to archaeologists and others on unspecified shard finds

514 53 06-08-24  11:51 pm Richard Shakles
Gold, Silver, Metal, Cloisonné, Lacquer, Ivory, Wood, Glass, Jade, Textiles and Paintings, etc.
Textiles, Rugs, Prints, Silk, Paper, Paintings and Calligraphy
Textile art as in clothes, Chinese and Tibetan rugs but also anything related to silk and paper as in calligraphy and paintings
7974 968 03-18-24  10:18 pm Eric Tipton
Non-ceramic pieces such as Wood, Glass, Ivory, Bone, Soft and hard stones, etc.
Most any non-ceramic wares and sculptures that does not fit anywhere else, being they Chinese or Japanese
10608 1144 06-05-24  01:11 pm Philip Hughes
Chinese and Japanese lacquer, Lac Burgauté, cinnabar or lacquer related items that seems to fit here.
1648 240 04-02-24  03:44 pm Charles Payne
Chinese Metal, Pewter, Tin, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Cloisonné and "Canton enamels" etc.
All Chinese or Tibetan gold, silver or metal pieces with or without enamels and those not identified
7666 915 06-13-24  08:59 am Nomi Meivar
Japanese Metal, Pewter, Tin, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Cloisonné and other enamels
Japanese metal wares inclusive of swords, armor and dress parts, coper, brass, iron, silver and gold, with and without enamels.
Also Totai Shippo Cloisonné enamels, in which a ceramic, earthenware or porcelain body is utilized

2719 334 03-27-24  03:06 am Gary Kostka
General Help and Suggestions
Restoration and conservation
DISCLAIMER: Any handling at all of an antique item may permanently destroy it, as well as all values related to it such as its financial or historical value. Several of the chemicals and processes described here could be extremely harmful and should not be tried by non-professionals. Please be advised that any actual use of the information found here are solely on the individuals own risk and responsibility. By accessing the messages under this topic you are acknowledging that this disclaimer is read and understood.
1736 155 02-10-24  02:55 pm Giovanni Repetti
Books - trade, review and suggestions
Titles and recommendations of books and book sellers on Chinese Porcelain - add your favorites here.
A wise collector should always buy two books per any one item. / JE
2329 467 06-12-24  02:52 pm Nomi Meivar
Link suggestions
Valuable references on the Internet, to be included in the permanent LINKs file.
630 230 04-30-24  10:31 pm Paul J. Doucette
Words of Wisdom
Fun, important, clever and unsolicited Advice to the Beginner Collector and New Members. And some board related issues that might have ended here by mistake.
795 78 02-26-24  12:13 am Jan-Erik Nilsson

A few words in remembrance and gratitude

In this endeavor in creating and maintaining this Discussion Board and Website, my goal was to continue the tradition of scholarly generosity set by my mentor, Prof. em. Dr. Bo Gyllensvaerd, who served as the Director of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm from 1959 to 1981, and as Curator of the Carl Kempe Collection at Ekolsund, as well as the Gustaf VI Adolf Asian Collection from 1955 to 1973. I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the friends and collectors who have supported me when I needed help. This includes those who are still here today, actively assisting our members; and our absent friends who remain present in our minds and thoughts through their insightful and sharp observations in their past posts on this Board.

Disclaimer on Service Provided

Gotheborg.com expressly disclaims all warranties as to the validity, benefits or usefulness of any information, methods and materials you might obtain information regarding, or through any text, pictures, messages, links to or from, any person, organization or company listed or not listed, implied or otherwise found, met with or referred to on or through the gotheborg.com discussion board, related web page or links. Any handling at all of any items may permanently harm or destroy them; let alone any use of chemicals. Any materials and methods can be harmful and dangerous towards any items as well as humans and other living beings. Use outmost care when handling anything of value and always consult with professionals when in doubt. Please be advised that any actual use of the information found here are solely on your own risk and responsibility. You are explicitly asked to use your own good judgment before coming to any conclusions on your own and in all instances consult with professionals that can study any object under discussion in person before making any financial or other decisions. By accessing the information offered here you acknowledge that this disclaimer is read and understood and that you expressly agree that any use of this Discussion Board and related web pages or links is at your own risk.

User Copyright

1. Whatever you write, submit or upload to this site remains your copyrighted property, but by submitting pictures and texts to Gotheborg.com you automatically grant the Gotheborg.com Discussion Board and web page a permission to display, store and publish this material at the Gotheborg.com Discussion Board and related web page, or in any derivate form that might occur. 2. Any published works can be cited and excerpt on this site by the same rules that regulate any academic work and papers and should be properly referenced. 3. Due to our cooperation with Georges Bouvier and his specialist's site on Japanese Kutani porcelain, your permission towards this site to store, display and publish pictures and information is extended also to Georges Bouvier and www.gbouvier.com. The same goes for Tommy Eklof's Facial Features and Adornments research project as well as Michaela Russels, Republic Period Patterns and Marks Project, and associated separate web pages. 4. If you believe that someone improperly has submitted any copyrighted material belonging to you, to the Gotheborg.com Discussion Board and web page, please contact me to grant this permission by yourself with proper credits given, or to have the material removed.

Gotheborg.com Copyright © Jan-Erik Nilsson 1998-2024

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