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List of modern Chinese Porcelain Factories

This is an attempt to list modern Chinese porcelain factories and their current and previous marks. So far not very successful but the page is established here and hopefully I will find out a way to fill it out in time.

  Chaozhou Fengxi Shengshui Porcelain Art Factory
Founded c. 1980. Decorative ceramics like Bonzai tree flower pots. Address: No.17 Xiaoqian Road Fengyi, Fengxi District, Chaozhou City, China
Tel: 86-768-6876388 / Fax: 86-768-6872347
Manufacture of Chaozhou famous ceramics.

Since its founding, the factory has been absorbing the essence of Chaozhou ceramic workmanship from many ways and turns out products with unique style and super quality. Main products consist of all kind of decorative porcelain, essence stove porcelain and daily-use chinaware, etc.
Address: No.6 Qiye Rd. Neigongqian Shanbian Fengxi, Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
Telephone: 0086-768-2923213
Fax: 0086-768-2921515

  Zhongxia Porcelain Factory Co., Ltd.
is an enterprise specializing in producing and selling high grade and high & mid-temperature daily use tableware, art & craft porcelain and gift porcelain etc. "Zhongxia" hold the right of self-supporting import and export. Numbers of employers in 2002 is c. 800. Our products pass through the authentication of American "FDA". Our management tenet is "Friendship, pragmatic and bilingual". Sincerely welcome all the customers to our companies to talk business & purchase or send sample to book orders.
Address: 5/F Huitong Building., Xinyang Road, Chaozhou
Factory: Licuo Anjie Road, Fengxi, Chaozhou, Guangdong, CHINA
(Opposite the Railway Station)
Tel +86-768-2972190-2971777
Fax +86-768-2972489
  Shiwan Artistic Ceramics Co. Ltd
Shiwan's ceramics technique was shaped in Tang and Song Dynasty and flourished in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Therefore, owing to its history over one thousand years, it's compared to a precious flower in Chinese arts' history. The leader of Shiwan ceramics technique is Shiwan Artistic Ceramics Co.,Ltd,. The Company, founded in 1956 as a small factory producing only artistic pottery, has been developed into a large-scale modern enterprise engaged in the production of many products with "Red Lion" brand names, such as artistic ceramics, ancient garden ceramics, Spanish-type roof tile, western-style roof tile, stone-resembled tile, stone-porcelain tile, artistic garden tile, etc. Shiwan Artistic Ceramics Co.,Ltd, famous at home and abroad for its traditional Shiwan ceramics, has a professional team of designers, which are represented by 6 Chinese industrial arts masters. This company has inherited and developed the outstanding tradition of Shiwan ceramics techniques ranging from lively earthen figures and animals with thick and earthy ceramics glaze, to modern ceramics of plain, elegant and fresh patterns, thus forming its own unique artistic style and making Shiwan ceramics techniques extraordinarily splendid.

The artistic ceramics of Shiwan Artistic Ceramics Co., Ltd are divided into four types of figures, animals, micro-sculpts and daily utensils, of which the figure ceramics is granted the national Golden Medal in three consecutive times, the animal ceramics is granted the Hundred Flowers Medal and Silver Cup Medal, micro-sculpt and daily utensils are granted Quality Product Medal of Guangdong Province. Following the principle of "quality product is based upon elaboration", each piece of ceramics with "Red Lion" brand name is produced via six complicated procedures (including design, plaster molding, pouring slurry for figuration, amending cog, glazing and burning).

Zhejiang Province
  Quanyi Ciye Gongchang
In Chuzhou: Founded 1915.
Shanxi Province
  Jin'ai Taoqi Youxian Gongsi
In Pingding: Founded 1925.
Hebei Province
  Cixian Wanyao Gongchang
In Cizhou: Founded 1927 ?
  Beijing Ciye Gongsi
In Beijing: Founded 1927 ?
  Zhenya Ciqi Chang
In Tianjin: Founded 1927.
Henan Province
  Dengfeng Ciye Chang
In Dengfeng
  Qianhao Gangyao Chang
In Shanzhou.
  Ciyaogou Ciye Gongsi
In Shanzhou.
  Minsheng Ciye Gongsi
In Shanzhou.
  Xin'an Ciye Gongsi
In Xin'an.
  Xin'an Gangyao Chang
In Xin'an.
  Tangyin Ciye Chang
In Tangyin.
  Qinghua Ciye Chang
In Bo'ai.
  Qinghua Gangyao Chang
In Bo'ai.
Fujian Province
  Mofan Ciye Gongsi
In Dehua.
  Fengji Gongsi
In Mingqing.
  Fujian Baohua Zhici Gufen Youxian Gongsi
In Xiamen. Founded 1904
Shandong Province
  Boshan Ciye Gongsi
In Boshan.
Sichuan Province
  Shu Ci Gongsi
In Baxian.
  Dacheng Gongsi
In Longchang.
  Changzhou Ciye Gongsi
In Dazu.
  Weiyuan: Xinhua Cichang
In Weiyuan.
  Chuanbei Ci Chang
In Chengdu.
  Chuangdong Ciye Gongsi
In Chongqing.
  Xinghua Ciye Gongsi
In Zizhong. Founded in 1920
Hunan Province
  Hunan Ciye Gongsi (Hunan Ceramics Company)
In Liling. Founded in 1906, won several prices 1909-15. Developed underglaze wucai color decoration.
  Hunan Mofan Yaoye Gongchang (Hunan Exemplary Ceramics Worshop)
In Liling
Liaoning Province
  Zhaoxing Yaoye Gongsi
In Shenyang. Founded 1928
Jilin Province
  Zhongxing Ciye Gufen Youxian Gongsi
In Shuangyang. Founded 1914
Jiangxi Province
Jiangxi Procelain company (Jiangxi Ciye Gongsi)
Jiangxi Porcelain Company. Established in 1910. Large semi government company funded by private owners and the five provinces of Hebei, Hubei, Jiangsu, Anhui and Jiangxi. It was located near Zhushan adjacent to the former Imperial factory in Jingdezhen. The company used traditional styles and methods and the porcelains did not differ greatly from those of the late Qing. Soon after the company established a ceramics school at Gaomen in Poyang, Raozhou. The factory seems to have been active at leasat until the end of the 1940's. See mark # 991. Bowl, Hand written iron red base mark: Jiangxi Ciye Gongsi meaning "Jiangxi Procelain company". Diameter 12 cm. Dated in the inscription to the 36th year of the Chinese republic (1912+35), meaning 1947.
Arts Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Fushou Brand, enameled "Famille rose" / Fencai porcelain. New-color porcelain etchings. Egg-shell porcelain. In the 1990's more than 900 out of 2000 employees worked with decoration.
Guangming Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Specializes in Wanyu Brand "Rice grain" b/w porcelain in western style for export. Makes "rice grain" tableware, tea set, lamps, vases, egg-shell bowls and gift pieces. 1800 craftsmen employed, anual production over 20 million pieces in 1990.
  Guangming/Hongguang Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Wanyu brand.
  Jianguo Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Specializes in high temperature colored glazes since 1980. Zhuyuan brand, and Zhuguang colored glaze porcelain. The factory have maintained a traditional wood burning kiln and a traditional crafts workshop. One firing requires the burning of 40 tons of pine wood. Annual production 12 million pieces in 1990.
  Jingxing Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Qingsheng brand. B/w decorated eggshell porcelain
  People's Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Specializes in b/w decorated porcelain. The "Wutong" b/w porcelain brand is the modern version of the classical Willow (Canton) pattern. Also b/w - "Qingbai style celadon, Changqing brand.
  Porcelain hall
In Jingdezhen. Replica antique porcelain wares
  Red Flag Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Yuhua Brand, Chinese Style porcelain table ware
  Red Star Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Yuyan brand, Hanging and wall lanterns. Feihe brand, new-color Chinese table ware.
  Shuguang Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Yule brand. Lotus jars
  Statuary (Sculpted) Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Sanhua Brand. Traditional porcelain figurines. Employed 1400 craftsmen of which 500 decorators in 1990.
  Universal Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Gaoling Brand "Pheonix". Western style porcelain. Staff of 1700, production of 20 million pieces of porcelain annually in 1990.
  Weimin Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Specializes in export porcelain. Gaomei (Golden Chrysanthemum) brand. Established in 1960. Staff of 1700, exported 20 million pieces of porcelain annually in 1990.
  Xinhua Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Caiyun brand, Chinese market household-use porcelain. Xinyun brand, b/w decorated Chinese market table ware
  Xiamen Kingdom Ceramics Co., Ltd
Factory in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Provence. Producing ornamental porcelain for collection, such as blue and white pattern, antique colors, famille rose etc. moulded by the Antique made during the Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty. Agent for Master Qinxilin, Master Wang Enhuai, Master Fu Yaosheng, Zhu Luogeng, Yu Jun etc. Showroom in Xiamen City. Copies of antique items and master's works, for collection to our customers and friends with much good quality and competitive prices.

Tel: 0086-592-2223250; 2223251
Fax: 0086-592-2223236, Mobile: 0086-13950135129
E-mai: OR

  Yuejin Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Famille rose, famille verte type porcelain. Founded in 1957. Annual production 1,5 million pieces. Porcelain for daily use, decorative porcelain, ancient porcelain replicas, souvenirs, dinner, coffe, and tea sets.
  Yufeng Porcelain Factory
In Jingdezhen. Yufeng brand. Spiraling grain tea set
  Pingxiang Ciye Gongsi
In Pingxiang. Founded in 1905.

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