China and Sweden, Treasured Memories, Forbidden City exhibition 2005

The Swedish exhibition of Chinese Porcelain at the Palace Museum, Beijing, 2005

Greetings from Volvo

A Swedish merchant ship left Sweden for China's Guangzhou in 1732. Subsequently, a range of Chinese merchandise, including porcelain, tea, and silk, entered into the lives of the Swedes, and a Sea Silk Road, from Gothenborg to the Far East, was established.

With bilateral trade with a history of hundreds of years, and a Chinese cultural history of thousands of years, Chinese porcelain has been a highly desired collectable for many Swedish state and folk museums since the Sea Silk Road was established. The peaceful, frank, friendly, and reciprocal spirit between China and Sweden has been further developed in the new century.

In order to promote the development of Sino-Swedish friendship, celebrate the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Swedish diplomatic relations, and with the support provided by the two countries' embassies, museums, and antiquities experts, the Swedish Collection of Ancient Chinese Pottery and Porcelain Exhibition is now being held at the new Wu Gate Exhibition Hall of Forbidden City, at a time when the Palace Museum is celebrating its 80th Anniversary. The 165 sets of cherished and delicate porcelain are on display for Chinese people and also people from all over the world. It not only allows Chinese and Swedes to learn about the wonders of Chinese civilization, but also communicates with the outside world China's ancient culture and modern spirit. This event constitutes a splendid milestone in the history of Sino-Swedish friendship.

Many Chinese antiquities experts have made great contributions in making this Swedish Collection of Ancient Chinese Pottery and Porcelain Exhibition happen while they were deeply moved by these Chinese porcelain. The embassies of the two countries, the Ministry of Culture of People's Republic of China, the Palace Museum, and other organizations, have also shown their strong support. Volvo Group, one of the most important enterprises in Sweden and the largest industrial corporation in North Europe, willingly provided funds for this exhibition. Throughout Volvo's history, devoted attention to promoting cultural communications, as well as science and technology and social development, was always a core part of its corporate values, spirit and tradition.

Volvo Group, established in 1927, is the largest industrial group in Northern Europe. Quality, safety, and environmental protection have been Volvo's three core values since its establishment. As one of the world's largest commercial transportation product suppliers, Volvo provides vehicles, equipment, and components related to commercial transportation, as well as relevant services. Volvo Truck Corporation entered the Chinese market 12 years ago. Inheriting Volvo Group's corporate values, Volvo Trucks Greater China, together with Chinese government and people, has engaged in promoting Sino-Swedish cultural communication, sharing the advanced technologies, and enhancing the eternal friendship between the two nations. Volvo Group and Volvo Trucks Greater China play an important role in communications between the two countries in not only in the fields of industry and commerce, but also in the diplomatic sphere, and aspects of culture and sports. Volvo has established a bridge for the long-lasting Sino-Swedish friendship.

In the preparations for the exhibition, Volvo has organized and sponsored porcelain and antiquities experts from the two countries to travel between Sweden and China, with the aim to inspect and select exhibition items, as well as choose the exhibition site and decide the display schedule. The Palace Museum schemed and developed the exhibition's action plan, and together with Volvo, a working group was established. The design and detailed arrangements for the Swedish Collection of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain Exhibition were well prepared. With the support of the two governments, it was decided to hold this exhibition in the Palace Museum in 2005, when China and Sweden celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations, the same time when Palace Museum celebrates its 80th Anniversary.

As shown in the picture, hundreds of items, including antiquities from the Gothenburg Ship, which sank many years ago, and delicate antiquities from various parts of Sweden, is being shown to the world. They exhibit the deep influence of ancient Chinese culture and economy on the entire world, especially on Sweden, and testify to Swedish love for, and attention to, Chinese history and culture. The love for culture from the two countries, and the common focus on human civilization bring the Chinese and Swedes closer.

The exhibition has drawn great attention and participation from Chinese and Swedish government organizations, the cultural sector, and other concerned sectors. We would like to express our gratitude to the Palace Museum, the Swedish government, Swedish Embassy in China, Chinese porcelain experts, as well as Swedish state and private museums. Thank you for your assistance and support for this event held by Volvo Group and Volvo Truck s Greater China.

We wish the Swedish Collection of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain Exhibition a complete success! We wish Sino-Swedish culture and trade communication a bright future! And the eternal friendship between Chinese and Swedes!

Volvo Group
Volvo Trucks Greater China


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