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Over the years some of our most knowledgeable Discussion Board members have been asked to help guiding new members in finding their way on the Discussion Board. This is our esteemed Moderators - Dragons - who are contributing time, effort and experience as a labor of love to this board. Their help is most appreciated and a fundamental necessity for the Discussion Board.

Board Moderators - Dragons



Georges Bouvier

Georges Bouvier, France.
Professional engineer frequently traveling and living in Japan. Heavy kutani collector! Japanese Kutani porcelain with specialities in Meiji to contemporary production.
Member of the Gotheborg Discussion Board since 2003.
Personal website: The Kutani Ceramic Website



Tommy Eklof
Tommy Eklöf, Sweden.
Speciality 16th to 20th century Chinese export porcelain in general, particularly with figural motifs. Author of Dating Chinese Pocelain from Facial Features and Adornments, A Handbook, Karlstad 2013. Member of the Gotheborg Discussion Board since 2003.
Personal website:



Roberto Gardellin, Italy
Chemical Engineer, working a pharmaceutical company, living in Paris after five years spent in Singapore. Special interests are Song Monochromes, Study of Chinese Ceramics and South East Asian Trading patterns in the 9th to 16th century period, Later Chinese Bronzes. Selection of publications: The Belitung wreck: a Tang dynasty (618 - 908) cargo (with Aileen Lau), Oriental Art, LV1, 2005. 2005 Ancient Chinese Ceramics Study Society conference in Inner Mongolia, Oriental Art, Jan 2006. Mang - a discussion on Dingyao wares produced during the Northern Song dynasty (with Chua Aik Hong), China Society 60th anniversary Journal, Singapore, 2009. Shipwrecks around Indonesia Part A and B, OCS Newsletter, Nr. 21, 2013 and Nr. 22, 2014. Reed-basket Ceramic Wares during the 9th-13th century in Northern China, China Society 65th anniversary Journal, Singapore, 2014. Reed-basket Ceramic Wares in Northern China between 9th-13th century, Oriental Art, March 2015. A Shipwreck with Tang Wares in Central Vietnam, OCS Newsletter, Nr. 23 Nov 2015. The Kangxi Bintan shipwreck, OCS Newsletter, Nr. 24, May 2016. Member of the Gotheborg Discussion Board since 2007.



Ian Heriot  Mary Heriot

Ian and Mary Heriot, New Zealand.
My main interests are collecting Japanese woodblock prints and Satsuma pottery, transcribing signatures and marks. Japanese legends, history and Japanese handicraft work in general. I have collected prints now for over 30 years, and part of my collection has been purchased by our national museum. Mary has a love of Japanese pottery, specializing in Satsuma. Both of us, members of the Gotheborg Discussion Board since 2003.



Matthew Hoyle
Matthew Hoyle, Hong Kong
Specialist areas include Transitional and Kangxi blue and white porcelain, late Ming through to mid Qing export porcelains and imperial Ming dynasty blue and white porcelain. Japanese 17th and early 18th Century porcelain. Member of the Gotheborg Discussion Board since 2003.



Simon Ng, City University, Hong Kong
Simon Ng, Hong Kong.
Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasty Pottery and Porcelain. Shiwan Pottery, Qianjiang and Late Qing Dynasty porcelain Art, Eight Friends of Zhushan. Hong Kong Enamels. Official Squash Referee and Coach, Lucky Racing Punter. Main author of Marks on Later Chinese Porcelain Page. Member of the Gotheborg Discussion Board since 2003.
Web page: Marks on Later Chinese Porcelain



Jan-Erik Nilsson
Jan-Erik Nilsson, Sweden.
Spec. Swedish and European East India Trade, Chinese 17th to 18th Century Export Porcelain, Sweden. Author of The Kingdom of Sweden and the East Indiaman Gotheborg III Project, in China and Sweden: Treasured Memories, Gugong Exhibition, Beijing 2005. Ostindiefararen Götheborg, Berättelsen om den Sista Resan, Silvret, Porslinslasten och Utgrävningen. Nilsson, m.fl. Gothenburg 1994.
Founder of, in 1998.



Michaela Russel
Michaela Russell, Australia
Major interest in first half 20th century Chinese ceramics. Collector and researcher of decorative changes, base marks and methods of dating for the Republic era and into the early part of the People's Republic of China era. Lives in NSW, Australia. Now retired into farming and gardening, previously a geologist and graphic designer. Other interest is ethnic textiles from around the world, including China and Japan. Member of the Gotheborg Discussion Board since 2003.
Personal website: Watersilkdragon



John Wocher
John Wocher, Japan
Living and working in Japan off and on for more than 40 years and continually since 1988 as a Permanent Resident. Specialty area is Meiji and Taisho era Kutani, more broadly Kutani in general, including contemporary Kutani. Kutani collector. Undergraduate degree in Asian Studies, minoring in Japanese Language. Professionally, a hospital administrator in a large private teaching hospital in Japan.
Member of the Gotheborg Discussion Board since 2003.



Honorary Dragons

Leif Petzäll, former Director, Museum of Art and Far Eastern Antiquities in Ulricehamn, Sweden
Erik Engel, former Curator, Museum of Art and Far Eastern Antiquities in Ulricehamn, Sweden
Knut Myrer, Chairman, Oriental Ceramic Society of Norway, NSOK, Norway
Göte Nilsson-Schönborg, former Curator, Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden
Jarl Vansvik, former Curator, Museum of Art and Far Eastern Antiquities in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Exhibition manager for "Ancient Art from Shanghai Museum, Rohss Museum of Arts and Craft, 1995. Exhibition manager for China and Sweden: Treasured Memories, Gugong, Beijing 2005.
Hans Slager, Holland. Moderator of the Gotheborg Discussion Board 2003-2016.



The Gotheborg web page went online first time in 26th of November 1996 under the by Jan-Erik Nilsson registered domain, to focus mostly on the Swedish East India Trade to China during the 18th century. In 1996 it changed name and focus towards a Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Collectors Help and Information page. The 27th of June 1999 an email list was added. In April 23, 2003 the discussions were moved into a private Discussion Board to avoid spam and guarantee continuity. Over the years many people have joined this collectors community, made friends, had fun and on the whole contributed to make the world a little better place. Design and content of all pages as they appear on © Jan-Erik Nilsson, Gothenburg, Sweden 1993-2017.