A visit to Sabu Terracotta Pottery at Denpasar
Bali 2012

Text & Photo © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2012


The firing was done on the site. The firing was first made of the pots as such. The firing would take about one day. Any lead glaze would then be prepared and added onto the fired pots in a second firing.

Balinese pottery kiln

The kiln was a about two meters in height and about the same in depth and housed under a simple shed. As far as I could judge about four of the largest pots that were made would fit in the kiln for one firing.

Balinese pottery kiln

For the firing, the opening of the kiln would be closed by a temporary wall built up by loose bricks. In a Chinese dragon kiln like those used in Shiwan, such a wall would be sealed with unfired clay. Here I did not get the impression that was considered necessary.

Balinese pottery kiln

This pile of wood would go into the next firing. Pretty much anything that burned could be used as firewood.

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