(Qianjiang Painted Porcelains)

By: Chen Jianxin et al.

Review by on April 16th, 2008 // Filed under Qianjiang / 20th century

QIANJIANG CAICI HUA (Qianjiang Painted Porcelains) Geren Licai Shoucang Jianshang Xilie, by Chen Jianxin et al.

For Qianjiang pieces this book is one of the better published so far. It illustrates many pieces from more accomplished Qianjiang artists. It’s a useful and well-illustrated addition to the literature on the subject of Qianjiang painted porcelains from the late Qing and Republic periods. Illustrated throughout in color. Text in Chinese.

Shijiazhuang 2003.
58 pages introduction in Chinese, 193 pp. colour plates.
B/w text illustrations and drawings.
30×21 cm.