Wanqing Minguo Qianjiang Caici
(Late Qing and Early Republic Qianjiang Painting on porcelain)

By: Zi Wuyuan

Review by on April 17th, 2008 // Filed under Qianjiang / 20th century

This small book offers splendid value for money to those looking for some illustration of late Qing dynasty literati paintings (Qianjiang) on porcelain.

The book shows what was done during the late Qing Dynasty where high artistic standard was developed within a group of Qianjiang color artists, painting on porcelain.

The small booklet is extremely well illustrated in color despite its small size. Around 100 items are shown, often from several perspectives; regularly front and back. 64 artist porcelain painters are presented, the book includes a “China Qianjiang colour artist list” for easy reference.

Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2006
21×14 cm, Paperback.
102 pages, more that 200 Colour illustrations
Marks, seals and inscriptions are illustrated and occasionally prices of the items are given.
The text is entirely in Chinese.
In the captions any date in the inscriptions are given in Arabic numerals.