The Wästfelt Excavation 1986-1993

Pictures from 1984-1993

The first finds 1985 title=

Some of the first finds.
Sunday the 9th of December 1984, a few members of the Gothenburg branch of the Swedish Marine Archaeological Society dived at the Hunnebådan reef and found several shards of porcelain spread out over an area the size of a football field. The divers were Anders Wästfelt, Anders Lindvall, Anders Lyckdahl and Peter Östlund. All in all 38 loose finds was picked up of which three porcelain pieces were almost undamaged. The pieces was presented to the Gothenburg Maritime Museum and the then head of the Museum, Göran Sundström.

Göran Sundström 1985 title=

Göran Sundström, 1985, Head of the Gothenburg Museum of Maritime History

Information meeting 1985

Information meeting in 1985. Gothenburg Historical Museum, formerly head office of the Swedish East India Company 1731-1813. To the far right, Professor of History, Jörgen Weibull.

masg 1985

Lecture room at the Gothenburg branch of the Swedish Marine Archaeological Society, MASG, at Fiskhamnsgatan. Studying the first finds, early 1985. In the middle, in red, Anders Lindvall, diving instructor at Göteborgs Dykarskolor.

Measure tower 1985

Measure reference tower, 1985

Media attention 1985

Media attention, 1985

Nya Elfsborg, diving base camp

Nya Elfsborg, diving base camp, 1985

Olsvik and Olsson

Olsvik and Olsson

Education 1985

Diving training, 1985

Education 2 1985

Diving training, 1985

Education 3 1985

Diving training, 1985

Education 4 1985

Diving training, 1985

Anita Steiner, artist

Anita Steiner, Painting sign boards at Nya Elfsborg, 1986

Edelberg 1986

Edelberg, 1986

Elin 1986

Elin, 1986

Jörgen Weibull 1986

Jörgen Weibull, 1986

Håkan 1986

Håkan, 1986

Håkans boat 1986

Håkan's boat, 1986

Janne 1986

Janne, 1986

Porslin 1986

Porcelain finds, 1986

Porcelain 2 1986

Porcelain finds, 1986


Sorting grid, 1986

Magnus 1987

Magnus, 1987

Max 1987

Max, 1987

Max 2

Max, 1987


Sea track, 1987


Eva, 1989


Lena, 1988


Aft part of the ship, 1989



Skanska, 1989

Diving platform

Diving platform, 1990

The Diving platform

The Diving platform, 1990


Registration, 1990

Rooster decorated plate

Rooster decorated plate, 1990


Tutanego, 1990


Agneta, 1991


Hasse, 1991

Rubber boat

Rubber boat, 1991


Tommy, 1991


Anna, 1992


Information meeting. 1992

Closing party

Final farewell party, 1993