Back home in Gothenburg, 9 June, 2007

The Gotheborg III arrives back home June 9, 2007 after its epic journey to China and back.
Photo © Jan-Erik Nilsson 2007

A few days earlier, in 2007, a long-time dream was fulfilled, and I can't help but make some space here to share this with you. It marks the closure of a project I had the pleasure of helping to initiate during the critical first five years, from 1993 to 1998. It was during this time that we, on our own initiative, turned a dream into living reality and a majestic hull was being built inside our enormous shipyard hall at our own shipyard - the Terra Nova - in Gothenburg, on the site of the former Eriksbergs Shipyard.

Now, after fourteen years from inception to completion, she has finally completed her maiden voyage to China and back, just as we set out to do, safely bringing her home all the way.

This time she returned and entered the harbor of Gothenburg together with hundred if not thousands of small and large boats, in vivid contrast to what happened in 1745, when she struck a reef and sank not far from where these pictures were taken. I want to extend my gratitude to all those who shared our dream and contributed to making it come true.

I also ask that you spare a thought for those who were part of this at the beginning but are no longer with us. They knew it might take too long for them to see her return, but they supported this dream with all their might anyway.

This is the true valor of great individuals, without whom this project would never have been possible.

As we have said all the way through this project, always remember your history.

Jan-Erik Nilsson
Scripsit, Vargö Håla, Winter of 2023
Waiting for good wind, as always
Original co-founder
Gotheborg III Management group 1993-1998