China to Order,
By: Daniel Nadler,

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Focusing on the XIXth Century and Surveying Polychrome Export Porcelain Produced During the Qing Dynasty, 1644-1908

By: Daniel Nadler

This book focuses despite the impression one might get from the cover picture, on the 19th century export porcelains. I need to say I have not read this book myself but list it through recommendations. You are welcome to add your own comments.


2 Responses to “China to Order,
By: Daniel Nadler,”

  1. I was disappointed with this book. The photography is sometimes very grainy and the text is occasionally quite stilted. Aside from several minor mistakes when discussing history, how much can you trust a book that more than once states that the Dresden collection was destroyed during WWII? It looked splendid when I visited in 2006.

    Posted by Lutz Slomianka
  2. I think that this book gives a good survey of the 18th export porcelain in general (not so much) and the 19th Century export porcelain in particularly. Are you interested in the trade of the 19th porcelain to foremost the American and European market but also some for the Persian market there is plenty examples of patterns all with dates. Nadler’s photographs are brilliant. A great book I can recommend. Unfortunately it lacks pictures from the backsides.

    Posted by Tommy Eklöf

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