Chinese Blue and White Porcelain by Duncan Macintosh

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Chinese Blue and White Porcelain

Chinese Blue and White Porcelain, by Duncan Macintosh. In this volume the author walks you through the history of blue and white porcelain while explaining the historical setting which to me is very important for to understand why the porcelain ended up as it did. If you want to understand the porcelain on a deeper level this is an important book. At first most blue and white porcelain looks, well, just blue and white. This book helps you see the significat differences between porcelain from the different dynasties.

Chinese Blue & White Porcelain, by Duncan Macintosh 2nd ed. Hong Kong: Book Marketing Ltd., 1986,
Reprinted with minor amendments 1988.
The 3rd edition was published in 1994.
Reprinted 1997.

Format: Hardcover, 236 pages
ISBN: 9789622110670

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