Ming Ceramics in the British Museum by Jessica Harrison-Hall

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mingceramics.jpgMing Ceramics in the British Museum

Ming Ceramics in the British Museum, by Jessica Harrison-Hall, London, 2001. The world’s broadest collection of Ming Ceramics, here published in its entity. 640 pages and 1155 pictures of which 1025 in color. A well done book production. Hard to ever beat as a fundamental reference to porcelain from the Ming dynasty. You can find more books but not a single one better. This book also deals with the rarely discussed topic of funeral Ming figures and architectural ceramics.

This substantial study of the very diverse achievements in ceramics of the Ming period (1368-1644) draws on the world’s broadest collection, that of the British Museum. Authoritative background chapters on the history of the Ming period, the development of the ceramic industry, the roles of ceramic artifacts in Ming life and in burials precede the presentation of a thousand objects each with photograph and commentary. Appendices deal with forgeries, markings, tombs, shipwrecks, conservation, pigments and photography. Indexed, with bibliography, listing of Chinese names and maps. This work will be of major importance to student, collector and scholar alike.

CLASSIC – best individual book on Ming porcelain

Ming Ceramics in the British Museum, by Jessica Harrison-Hall

Format: Hardcover, 640 pages
Published: 2001, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN: 071411488X

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