Kraak Porcelain: A moment in the history of trade
By: Maura Rinaldi

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kraakporcelain.jpgKraak Porcelain – A Moment in the History of Trade

This is the classic book on Kraak Porcelain and early Dutch market export wares. The time period is limited to the decades before and after 1600 but, this book is important for the understanding of late Ming porcelain in a similar way as David Howard Armorial Porcelain I+II give the keys to the dating of all common 18th century export porcelain.

This is not “better” than A D Brankstone, but while Brankstone explains the soul of early Ming, this is the key reference book on late Ming and a fundamental classic on “Kraak Porcelain”

CLASSIC – Fundamental reference on late Ming export “Kraak” porcelain

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By: Maura Rinaldi

  1. This is the standard book for classification on Kraak porcelain of dishes, klapmutsen, bowls and closed forms, a book with 255 pages which contains about 275 pictures in black and white, 80 pictures in color and 60 drawings. These pictures of objects shows the front, inner side and often the under side.

    A must have standard reference book for the professional Chinese Kraak porcelain collector, a real nice book for the regular passionated Kraak ware collector, if you have other books on Kraak ware too. A book often offered with a price raised far above the value of a new book in 1989, so the book is often not reasonably priced.
    Nice written in understandable Enlisch with references to the museum, unfortunate with only about 20% colored pictures.

    Kind regards,

    Posted by Arno Jacobs

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