Chinese Export Porcelain, Standard Patterns and Forms 1780-1880 by Herbert, Peter and Nancy Schiffer

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schiffer.jpgChinese Export Porcelain, Standard Patterns and Forms, 1780-1880: Standard Patterns and Forms

I list this book a bit reluctantly, because there are a risk that anyone that only look at the cover will be disappointed, since this book deals almost exclusively with Rose Medallion, and is thus one of the the best books on the market for that kind of decorations. However there has happened a lot since this book was written.

The typography is homemade (yes) with a typewriter it seems, and the mostly black and white illustrations are mediocre.

Still due to its sheer mass of illustrated pieces I still think this belongs among one of the better books to have on this subject, in particular if your main interest in Rose Medallion decorated porcelain for the North American market.

Despite a few minor mistakes, it sorts out the North American terminology on Chinese export porcelain pretty well and you get all of the traditional definitions down pat.

Someone needs to keep up the traditions and I think this book does that pretty well. If you want better illustrations, there are plenty books with good pictures around. In that respect, this book hits pretty near rock bottom I would say. Maybe you should try to take a look inside it before you decide, but since I think it is available dirt cheap second hand, it’s not that big a decision.

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