Song Ceramics

By: Lu Yaw, Feng Xianming and Mary Tregear

Review by on March 27th, 2008 // Filed under Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty

Well illustrated in color and a concise

This is an excellent reference book to get a fair understanding of all those Song and Yuan dynasty green wares.

It deals mostly with common Song dynasty export wares. Well illustrated in color and a concise summary of some very informed opinions. Some information is improved upon today but I still don’t want to be without this book.

Published by Southeast Asian Ceramic Society 1983 in a limited edition of 2000 copies, it might be a bit difficult to find but if you stumble over a copy I think you will find it useful. There are better books today but it still a good compliment or an OK beginning if you don’t want to goo too deep into the details.

ISBN 9971837269

CLASSIC – A bit dated but straightforward guide to typical South East Asian market Song and Yuan trade ceramics

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